Language is the Center of Culture

In ancient Hawaii, our professions might have varied, yet a common thread united us all: the Hawaiian language
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Which class should you take?

I offer two self-guided online courses, but you may not know which is best for you. The following assessment was made to help you find that out. I'll make it simple for you.

"Malu has been an invaluable resource on my olelo Hawaii journey. He encouraged me to seek out native speakers, to read newspaper articles, to speak as much as I could even if I didn't speak perfectly, and to never stop learning. I am grateful for his encouragement, support, and all the time he gave me so I could progress and continue on my olelo journey."


Learn Hawaiian With Me

I offer two distinct pathways for your Hawaiian language journey. First, explore our self-guided courses ‚Äď flexible and independent, designed for¬†a convenient¬†learning experience. Alternatively, for personalized guidance and support, consider private tutoring sessions.¬†

Beginners Course

Begin your Hawaiian language journey with our self-guided beginner course. Learn at your pace through interactive lessons covering language essentials.

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Intermediate Course

Advance your Hawaiian in our self-guided intermediate course. Deepen fluency with engaging lessons and expanded vocabulary.

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Experience tailored Hawaiian language tutoring designed to amplify and enrich your learning journey.

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Get to Know Me

"I've crafted a teaching method for Hawaiian inspired by my personal learning experience as an adult learner."
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Learn from Native Speakers

Hawaiian language isn't solely defined by its sentence structures and words; it carries a unique SOUND. You can learn this sound by tuning in to native speakers.

The audio clip below is from my resources. Explore it! 

Ka Leo Hawaii
Kawika Kaalakea (HV24.063)

Ka Alala Audio Podcast

Welcome to the audio segment of my podcast, exclusively in olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian). Surprisingly, I have found myself hosting a podcast, an endeavor I never anticipated. Crafting this podcast has been a joy, designed to cater to both learners and proficient speakers of the language. Join us on this journey of language exploration and connection.