You Want to Learn Hawaiian

You have the desire and means - what you're missing is an outline or plan to follow. 

The Backbone of the Full Courses

As a Hawaiian Language learner, teacher, and linguist, I have found that prioritizing sentence structures or in other words, expressions, are critical to becoming conversational in Hawaiian.

Many times in language learning courses vocabulary is over-emphasized. While vocabulary is certainly important, it won't help you become fluent or conversational. It is not the backbone, which is why all of the course and teaching materials I create is built on the building blocks of expressions.

This may be different from what you've experienced before in other classes, but just think about your first language - You are fluent and have a strong command of the sentence structures, but do you know every word in existence?

Does it keep you from speaking??

Probably not.

Another pro for focusing on sentence structures over vocabulary is that there are less sentence structures to memorize.

For all these reasons, my textbooks are the perfect guides to lead you through learning Hawaiian. I even used these textbooks as the backbone of my two full online courses.

Explore the Textbooks

Mahele 1 Texbook PDF:

A compilation of years of my own experience learning Hawaiian so you don't have to work as hard or take as long to reach your language goals.

This book has 25 chapters. Each chapter focuses on a sentence structure, followed by vocabulary and dialogues.

As you go at your own pace through the book, you will be able to practice writing the structures and words you learn. This will help you solidify what you are learning. I don't recommend going through the book without this step.

It helps if you make them your own. As you complete each chapter and get to the practice portions - I encourage you to write sentences you actually hear or say yourself. Making your learning personal, will help you memorize the content quicker.

Mahele 2 Textbook PDF

Once you have a grasp of the basics, you will be ready for fluency.

Fluency requires the ability to combine multiple thoughts and ideas, understand traditional written Hawaiian, replace English thought with Hawaiian thought.

This book has 29 chapters dedicated to leveling up your language. Each chapter builds on a sentence structure and contains tables and dialogues to support it.

A fun exercise I recommend as you go through the course is to read the dialogue out loud and then pattern your own after the one provided to apply what you've learned! 

Consider This

While these textbooks will give you a great foundation for understanding the language, the biggest drawback with learning from any language textbook is the absence of voice. At some point, in order to be fluent, you'll have to listen to how words and expressions are spoken.
My 2 full courses provide you with the textbook along with videos and recordings that will take you through each chapter.
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