Harnessing Listening Resources

The significance of learning from native speakers cannot be overstated. Hawaiian language isn't merely about structures and vocabulary; it carries a distinct WAY OF THINKING and a SOUND. Whether you're just beginning or some experience in the language, don't delay – immerse yourself in Native speaker Hawaiian now!

Optimizing Newspaper Resources

When utilizing the papakilo data base, remember to enclose the words you're looking up in quotation marks. For example:

- "wai"

For exploring two separate words, capitalize AND, but drop the quotation marks like so:

- wai AND aina

It's vital to highlight newspapers endorsed or produced by Native Hawaiian speakers. Prioritize these sources, while acknowledging that native speakers also contributed to non-native Hawaiian-owned newspapers, such as Ka Nupepa Kuokoa and Ka Nuhou.

Here are a few recommended newspapers:

  • Ka Leo o Ka Lahui
  • Ke Aloha Aina
  • Ko Hawaii Pae Aina
  • Ke au Okoa 
  • Ka Makaainana
  • Kuokoa Home Rula
  • Ka Oiaio
  • Ka Ahailono
  • Ka Nai Aupuni
  • Ka Hoku o Ka Pakipika
  • Home Rule Republika
  • The Liberal