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When you're working, going to school or being a caretaker full time, being able to learn at home is hard to beat!

There's a Need: Why I created these courses

When I decided to learn Hawaiian as an adult, there were two options. Take Hawaiian 101 for about $2,000 or buy a few books under $100 and start teaching myself.

My wife and I were recently married. I was working. She was a full time student and had a part time job. As you can imagine, not much money floating around! We had to start learning on a budget.

We didn't have a teacher or mentor of any kind so we were left to our own devices. I also had to search high and low for authentic and legitimate sources to learn from. 

There had to be a better way! Our experience was a huge motivation to create courses.

Ike i ke au nui me ke au iki:

How I become well versed

Learning from a Book

My story began with me teaching myself as much as I could from books I found. I studied every single day without fail. Those first books were:

My Mentors

9 months in I found mentors who taught me how to speak. They were Tuti Kanahele, Keoki and Kahea (Kaohelaulii) Faria. Later I would also learn from Ipo Wong and Lolena Nicholas.

As I would say things I got from these books, I would often get a lesson on the difference between native speaker Hawaiian and school Hawaiian (book Hawaiian). I would take that correction and adjust my speech. I was two years into learning and I had yet to set foot in a classroom.

That all changed my 3rd year of learning. I finally was going to enter a structured learning environment and I couldn't wait! After taking the placement test at UH Manoa, they put me in Hawaiian 401. This class was conducted uner Professor Kahikina de Silva. I was surprised to find so much red ink on my papers, but over time my grammar and writing skills improved. 

I didn't recognize this then, but I somehow found myself being mentored by several women from Niihau who were native speakers. I also spent hundreds of hours listening to native speakers on recordings. For example:

The voices of native speakers were very different from most everyone I knew who spoke Hawaiian. This had a profound affect on me and how I speak.

These are my sources of knowledge and I have combined all it to create course for others to benefit as I have.

Explore the Courses

Mahele 1: Foundational Hawaiian

Are you a beginner?

This course is custom-made for the beginner. The lessons are nice and easy to follow along. Major concepts are separated so as not to overwhelm you.


Enroll in this course if you:
  • Have zero experience in the language.
  • Want to connect to culture.
  • Need¬†a refresher on the basics and want to build on that.
  • Need direction on what to study.
What's the flow of the course?
  • Textbook PDF
  • 25 lessons
  • Video (only in Hawaiian)
  • Instructive slideshows
  • Quizzes¬†
What's the course content like?
  • Grammar explained in layman's terms
  • Practice tables
  • Vocabulary
  • Dialogues¬†
  • Short stories in Hawaiian

- Intermediate Course -

Mahele 2: Building Fluency

Have you learned Hawaiian before?

The is the follow up course to Mahele 1: Foundational Hawaiian. This will take you to a whole new level!

In making this course I collected the most frequently used expressions in short conversations and put them in one place. 

If you feel ashamed, nervous or unconfident in speaking, this course will prove most helpful. A lot of that anxiety comes from not knowing or being sure. The content you'll learn here can help deal with some of those feelings.

Take this course if:
  • Want to become conversational.
  • Can't figure out how to¬†say something.
  • Feel like you don't know enough to start speaking.
What's the flow of the course?
  • Textbook PDF
  • 29 lessons
  • Videos (only in Hawaiian)
  • Instructive slideshows
  • Quizzes¬†
What's the course content like?
  • Grammar explained in layman's terms
  • Practice tables
  • Vocabulary
  • Dialogues¬†

Prefer to learn one-on-one?

Some of my students meet with me every week. We work on reading, writing, expression and conversational skills.


This is a great option if you need someone to be accountable to.

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